Hola! Update of my quiting joruney.

This is how my skin is like now. You can still see quite a lot of red dots. They are all the acne scars. Imagine how bad my skin were like before..

I quit smoking since July, its been almost a month and a half. 

My face was totally fucked it was breaking out in acne crazily after 1 week since i quit. It was even getting worse after i landed hk..Probably due to the humid weather…

This makes me so upset and feeling helpless. Everyday my face grew one-two new zits ,my face is so painful… It was probably my worse experience I have ever had…I drink tons of water and became a pescatarian for a while. Also I have been visiting chinese doctor and using different products to hopefully find a way to clear out all my horrible zits. Neal’s Yard acne line, Nuxe, Oxy5, Nars Clay mask(My best fd choya introduced this to me said it works miracles.) , and the last one, Cetaphil oily cleanser.

One day my mum saw an advert on the newspaper. It claims that if u use it for 2 weeks 97% of ur pimples will be gone. I don’t usually use dermalogical products and I don’t believe in adverts. but since i was so hopeless so I just feel like giving anything a try. It smells a bit like Lactacyd lol…but it gives my face a very refresh and clean feeling. I am not a fan of cleansing gel at all but I feel alright using it. 3 days, just 3 days. I already saw a big improvement. My pimples actually dried out and they look less red. Finally i found a right cleanser for my skin. Now im on the 7 days using cetaphil. I think my zits hv been clear out 3/4 almost.. Thanks god.

The nxt product I used for my acne is La roche posay Effaclar products. Effaclar is the line specialised for oily sensitive acne skin. I received few samples from my boyfd few days ago. Effaclar K, Effaclar A.I and Effalar Duo. K is an acne serum for really oily skin, Duo is the serum for combination skin and A.I is a general acne cream. Personally I don’t really know how it works on my skin..because I’m using cetaphil at the same time, which cetaphil definitely helps a lot. But I still have a good feeling so I will keep using it and see if it would reduces my white heads and pimples..

The positive. I will never smoke again. I would never want to go through all these crap again. Now I know how bad tobacco is doing to my body. 

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